Mentawai Land for sale in Katiet

Land for sale in Katiet

Katiet Beachfront

Mentawai Land for sale in Katiet Beachfront, freehold SHM certificate, zoned Tourism. Wake up to sunrises and great surf on your door step, while jumping into the blue ocean. In the Islands you may like to scuba dive and discover the ocean treasures, or just catch that wave your dreaming of.

Mentawai Land for sale in Katiet

The 4332m2 Beachfront Land for sale in Katiet has 3 certificates with beach frontage of approximately 40m x 108m deep, are zoned for tourism, and is close to HT’S resort. Because road construction from Tuapejat to Katiet is in progress, this is an area that is growing on the beachfront for Investment.


Once the new airport has been commissioned, flights to Sipora Island will be scheduled in the near future. With surf breaks like Lances left and right and HT’s resort in close proximity. The property is suited for a resort surf camp or homestay.

Total PriceIDR 4,100,000,000.00/USD$ 258,3000.00


Mentawai Islands

And because the area is being bought up from overseas buyers. The area is receiving the reputation as the New Canggu and is selling at a fast rate. Therefore there is a opportunity for the astute Investor for future investment gain in the regency.

Mentawai land for sale Katiet

How to Get To there

You can also catch the fast boat from Padang to Sipora (Tuapejat) Mentawai Islands, and the Schedule is 4 times a week. Then either hire a local boat or hire a motor bike for the trip down from the north to the south.

Also available from Padang is an over night ferry that can be caught from Gambolo Sumber, Ambuambu, check for schedules.airport in Sipora has just opened, future flight are to be scheduled.


Foreigners Options to Buy

Foreigners and local companies can also buy land, but on the other hand, you can only get hold of right-to-use (Hak Pakai). And right-to-build (Hak Guna Bangunan) titles. It’s not recommended to buy real estate with the help of local nominees, due to the risks involved. Because there are plenty of stories about foreigners, that have lost their properties, as the nominees became indebted to other locals.

Pt. PMA Company

Opening a PT PMA can be time-consuming compared to Buying Real Estate with the help of a nominee. But it’s worth the extra effort., to seek help from a local partner that can support with Due Diligence. To draft the contracts, and secure the deal. In short, investments made through the PT PMA, it will be treated as foreign direct investments. And will allow you to have either a right-to-build (Hak Guna Bangunan) title or a right-to-use (Hak Pakai) title.


Progression in the Area

Because the Indonesian government have indicated that foreigners will be able to buy real estate. With “right to build” titles Investing in land in Indonesia, it is still difficult and something that requires due diligence and great scrutiny.

Hak Milik

Buying land with the help of a local Indonesian nominee. Set up a local PT PMA company. (Leasing the property instead of buying). With the help of a local nominee is popular, as Indonesian citizens. Can only get hold of freehold titles, referred to as Hak Milik.

Submit a Business Plan

Submit a business plan, and have a minimum capital of RP 2,5 billion (around USD$ 176,000 ). It should be deposited into a local bank account. You also add value to the Indonesian economy, in terms of employment, skills, and environmental issues The property investment must be presented as an asset of your company.

Contact us for more information, about buying land in the Mentawai Islands.
Price start at, per m2= IDR 225,000.00/m2= USD$ 14.00

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New Inquiry-Property Mentawai

New Inquiry-Property Mentawai

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Note: All prices are based on Indonesian (IDR), total of foreign exchange will be what the exchange rate is equal to the (IDR) equivalent.

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