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Company and Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

1/ Mentawai Islands Company and Privacy Policy , all information on this site are all “Exclusive Listings”, and are all Direct from owners.
2/ Precise information from listings are only shared with face to face meetings.

Activities from Investor Buyers Trespassing

3/ (a). No persons or person, are permitted to enter a property, unless accompanied by a representative of Pt. Bombora Group Indonesia or by the owner themselves. Because of (Law and Regulations Indonesia). Because of problems created by individuals who do not know the laws of Indonesia.

Geographical Location

4/ Because some properties in the, Mentawai Islands, were viewing is only accessible by boat and because the road access is not suitable. The cost of petrol, boat and skipper hire is also payable by the intended buyer(viewer), for viewing of property or properties.
Also in the event, the buyer decides to proceed with the purchase of property from us. Then the initial costs of viewing property, will be deducted from the final purchase price, once final payment is complete.

Information and Data supplied by Pt. Bombora Group Indonesia

5/ Also any information and data supplied either by email, whats app or at a face to face meeting, data is solely owned by Pt. Bombora Group Indonesia. Because if abused(Privacy of information) is liable to prosecution, under, (Law & Regulations Indonesia).

This Mentawai Islands Company and Privacy Policy, was created with and on behalf of, Owners and Pt. Bombora Group Indonesia.

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