Mentawai Beachfront Land Peipei

Mentawai Beachfront Land Peipei Interested Buyers

Location-Playgrounds Siberuit

Mentawai Beachfront Land Peipei, interested buyers, in Siberuit South, the Mentawai Islands . Located off the western coast of Sumatera, Indonesia, are home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches and surf breaks. For those looking to own a slice of tropical paradise, beachfront land parcels in the South Siberut area are now available for purchase. Specifically, there are 3 certified plots in the Playgrounds area, that provide rare opportunities for development or a private retreat.

Mentawai Beachfront Land Peipei

Siberut Mentawai Islands

Siberut is known for its stretches of sandy white beaches and lush green interior. Because the Mentawai people who inhabit the islands rely on the rainforests and rivers to support their traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Good Times Beach Peipei


Though modernization is slowly entering the islands, also the Mentawai culture remains strong. This makes the Sibruit area a peaceful and authentic place to experience the traditional rhythms of island life.

Mentawai Beachfront Land Peipei

Blocks on Offer

The 3 available parcels 1-6592m2, 2-7062m2, and 7694m2 in size. They each have been legally registered and certified (SHM) with local authorities, ensuring proper title transfer. The lots are positioned right on the beachfront, with unobstructed views of the ocean and surf breaks offshore. Picturesque palm trees dot the shoreline. Given the natural beauty and seclusion of the area, these plots would be ideal for building a private beach residence or small boutique resort.

Land Siberuit
7062m2-Mentawai Regency Beachfront Land
Mentawai Regency Beachfront Land -7694m2

Total Price IDR: 1,483,000,000.00

Total USD$: 91,946.00

Total Price IDR: 1,588,950,000.00

Total USD$: 98,515.00

Total Price IDR: 1,732,000,000.00

Total USD$: 107,384.00

Mentawai Islands

Owning land in the prized Mentawai Islands is a rare opportunity. With pristine beaches, legendary surfing spots, and an unspoiled native culture, the Siberut area parcels offera chance to own a true island paradise retreat. Whether building a family vacation home or developing an eco-tourism business, these certified Beachfront lots allow one to stake a claim in one of Indonesia’s most stunning island chains.


Mentawai Beachfront

To find out more about this exciting property, please fill in the “Interest in Beachfront Siberut” form, with all required documentation attached.
Price= IDR 225,000.00 per m2/USD$ 14.00 per m2

L.O.I and proof of funds required for serious buyers.

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Beachfront Siberuit-MentawaI

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New Inquiry-Property Mentawai

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Note: All prices are based on Indonesian (IDR), total of foreign exchange will be what the exchange rate is equal to the (IDR) equivalent.

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