Due Diligence Property Search

Firstly for a Property Search in Indonesia to be performed. Prepare the people you have employed to perform the Diligence, before your property purchase. Also let them know what your expectations are for a quick service for completion of the purchase.

Setup a Pt. PMA Company

Performing a boundary survey to make sure that you are buying the correct size and shape of land. There are many cases where land overlap onto another property. And this must be rectified. Also another department called, Itr(zoning dept) will also come and then survey the property. And they will assess what zoning the property is allowed, and written documents from the Department will be issued. Because once this has been all clear, and then you may also proceed with the purchase.


Investing in Indonesia

The process involves collecting and reading through various documents from the owner and government departments. Also it is part of the Due Diligence Property Search process. So this can be cleared and to be added to you Pt PMA Company, that you have registered.


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Note: All prices are based on Indonesian (IDR), total of foreign exchange will be what the exchange rate is equal to the (IDR) equivalent.


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