Buying Property in the Mentawai Islands

Buying Property in the Mentawai Islands


What you need to Know

In the Mentawai’s Islands Regency, government has only just started processing legal “Land Certificates”, in certain areas. Not many foreigners know what they are really getting into. Leading to loosing large sums of money on property and not actually owning it. Many resorts that are already existing, may or may not be able to process a land certificate. They were built with a local land certificate.

Which foreigners cannot claim ownership unless this is converted to a legal BPN land certificate. BUT!!!, also the zoning of the area comes into place. Majority of land in the Mentawai Islands is either, National Park or Zoned Logging. In this case you are going to either loose your land or you will have a very very expensive court battle. Which the majority loose, in an Indonesian court.

These people have no experience and have no idea of the laws and process. They will tell you there are no problems processing ownership. Don’t be fooled, as they will land you in a distressing position and loss of money.


Mentawai Islands Summary

Buy your property through a professional registered local Pt. Company, who know the current laws of “Buy and Sell in Indonesia” There are several registered companies who can help you legally with your investment purchase in the Mentawai Islands.

Pt. Bombora Group Indonesia, are one company that can help with all your necessary needs for your purchases. With a reliable team of Notaries, choice of 3, and legal property lawyers to process a Due Diligence on your property. Which will give you all legal documentation of ownership and zoning.

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Buying Property in the Mentawai Islands

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