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Your Ultimate Guide to Property Services & Land for Sale in the Mentawai Islands. We are Property Agents, a registered local company in Indonesia.

Are you in search of the perfect investment opportunity in the picturesque Mentawai Islands?
Look no further than Bombora Group Indo, property agents and building contractors in the region. With their expertise in property, Land for Sale and PMA Company setup, they are your one-stop-shop for all your real estate and investment needs.

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Why choose Bombora Group Indo? With years of experience and a solid reputation in the industry, they have the knowledge and resources to help you navigate the complex world of property investment in Mentawai. From Due Diligence to finding the perfect Beachfront Land, they will guide you every step of the way. Our Notaris which is well established in the regency, will guide you through all the legal proceedure to process your investment.

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Looking to make a long-term investment in the stunning beaches of Mentawai? Bombora Group Indo offers a wide range of services, including property management, construction, and development.Whether you are looking for a private retreat, a profitable rental property or a surf resort, they will work with you to turn your vision into reality.

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Contact Pt.Bombora Group Indonesia today and let their team of experts help you find the perfect piece of paradise in the Mentawai Islands. With their passion for excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that your investment is in good hands. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of paradise in one of the most sought-after destinations in Indonesia.


Invest in Mentawai Islands

If you’re looking to invest in a pristine paradise, look no further than the Mentawai Islands. This remote Indonesian archipelago is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

One of the best ways to capitalize on this tropical investment opportunity is by purchasing a property beachfront. With beachfront property in the Mentawai Islands, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while also reaping the benefits of a sound investment.

Not only does owning property in the Mentawai Islands offer potential for high returns, but it also provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the local economy and community.
By supporting local businesses and initiatives, investors can play a vital role in preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this idyllic destination.

In conclusion, investing in beachfront property in the Mentawai Islands is a savvy choice for those seeking both financial growth and a slice of paradise.

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I. Points to Consider-
A. Brief overview of Mentawai Islands and their potential for investment
II. Why Invest in Mentawai Islands.
A. Growing tourism industry.
B. Natural beauty and pristine beaches.
C. Potential for high ROI.
III. Types of Investments Available
A. Property development opportunities.
B. Beachfront properties.
C. Eco-resorts and villas.
IV. Tips for Investing in Mentawai Islands
A. Conduct thorough research.
B. Consider the legalities and regulations.
C. Work with a local real estate agent.
V. Case Studies of Successful Investments
A. Example of a successful beachfront property investment.
B. Impact of investing in eco-friendly projects.
VI. Conclusion
A. Recap of key benefits of investing in Mentawai Islands.
B. Encouragement to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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